Organized by: Prof. Dr. Sybille Krämer – Oliver Lerone Schultz – Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger –

Institute of Philosophy, FU Berlin

in collaboration with 0

supported by: VolkswagenFoundation


venue site: TESLA Berlin, Podewil´sches Palais, Klosterstr 69, Berlin Mitte

– registration necessary for daytime part of Symposium – to be directed by 15.2.2007 to gab(at)

- Program -

Wednesday, 21.02.2007 - Anthropotechnical Spaces & Maps - Orientation

15 - 17.30 h
- Welcome and Introduction
- Sybille Krämer, FU Berlin: The Construction of Space by Maps. Some Reflections on Mapping as a Cultural Technique

- Lisa Parks, UC Santa Barbara/Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin. Obscure Objects of Media Studies

17.40 - 18 h
– Zorah Mari Bauer, Essen University., Living Spaces – Information Spaces. Mobile Communities and their Location Based Social Tools (Project Presentation)
– Torsten Meyer/Stephan Münte-Goussar, Hamburg University/MultiMediaStudio, Project Teaser „study-log“ (hyperdocumentation)

19 - 20:30 h Public Lecture
- Nigel Thrift, Oxford University: Cultural Cartography - New Cultural Spaces

Thursday, 22.02.2007- Anthropotechnical Spaces & Maps - Smart Environments

10 - 12 h
- Gabriele Gramelsberger, FU Berlin: Smart Dust Revolution - Sensing the Environment
- Norbert Streitz, Fraunhofer Institute Darmstadt: Smart Spaces make People Smarter

13 - 15
- Georg Vracholitis, ETH Zürich: The Metaphor of Evolution and the Structuring of Architectural Spaces
- Lukas Feireiss, FU Berlin: New Babylon Reloaded. Performative Spatial Concepts Yesterday and Today

15.30 - 18.30 h
- Stefan Böschen, Augsburg University /Cordula Kroop, Sozialforschung Munich: Risk Controversies visualized: development of internet-based argumentation maps
- Anil K. Jain, Munich: Self-Reflexions on Digital Identity - Dystopia and Utopian Spaces in the Field of Biometrics
- Petra Gehring, TU Darmstadt: Imbodiment of the Control Zone: On Digital Topo-Technologies of Dangerousness

20:30h tesla salon: vorgestellt -- 'recomputing space', rodrigo derteano

Friday, 23.02.2007 - Anthropotechnical Spaces & Maps - Networks

10 - 14 h
- Oliver L. Schultz, FU Berlin: InfraMaps - Getting to Grips with New Infrastructures, Socio-cultural Ontologies and Positional Interfaces
- Gesa Henselman, Konstanz University: Satellite Based Scouts
[- Claus Pias, Vienna University: From Baroque Labyrinths to Electronic Network (cancelled due to illness)]
- Sebastian Gießmann, HU Berlin: "There's no geography down there." Anthropology, Topology and the London Tube Map
- Adrian Mackenzie, Lancaster University: Space and Spectrum: Generating Conjunctive Relations in Wireless Computation

15 - 18 h
- Christina Ljungberg, Zürich University: Mapping as Meshwork - New Strategies for New Spaces
- Rob Kitchin, Maynooth University: Mapping Code/Spaces
- Petra Ilyes, Frankfurt University: Technical Road Maps - Circulation of IT Key Categories

19 - 20:30 h Public Lecture
- Mark Poster, University of California Irvine: Mapping Global Spaces: Digital Technologies of Power

20:30 h, tesla kubus: weathering, by akemi takeya / ulf langheinrich

21. - 23.2.2007 tesla programme

18:00 - 22:00 h, TESLA open studio: glass trap -- filming the void, by adam donovan
18:00 - 23:00 h, TESLA video programme: mauerpark, by stadtmusik: sam auinger / dietmar offenhuber / hannes strobl